Validating datetime

It seems like something that should exist already, so I'd just like to check before I attempt my own version...

Cheers, Mark It should be reasonably straight forward to add a validates_date_time method to my plugin. Is there a particular reason that validates_date and validates_time doesn't use the above method for Date and Time? Date.parse(value_before_type_cast.to_s) Rescue I've messed around with the plugin and got it doing something approaching what I need, but it's not very tidy yet.

import re from ifware.calendar import days_in_month def get_integers(alist): result = [] for x in alist: try: result.append(int(x)) except Value Error: result.append(0) return result # A regular expression that matches timestamps. ' # Tenths of milliseconds (may follow seconds when present) r')? ' # Timezone (optional) r'$' ) def parse_time(timestamp): matches = ts_regex.findall(timestamp) if len(matches) parse_time() expects one parameter, which is the timestamp that needs to be validated.

ts_regex = re.compile( r'^' r'(\d)' # Year (4 digits) r'(\d)' # Month r'(\d)' # Day r'(\d)' # Hour r'(\d)' # Minute r'(? If it detects an invalid timestamp component, it raises a Value Error exception; otherwise, it returns the components of the timestamp.

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It calls the days_in_month() function to obtain the number of days in the specified month.

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