Updating a split ms access database

I am using Access 2000 -- Tony Williams -- Tony Williams The Capital Partnership This message is confidential and for the use of the addressee only. -paulw ...a database, is a database, is a err database How many times can we see the same request from someone who wants to access data from a 'pick' database through what has come to be 'standard' practices (odbc, oledb) and still get the same old sloppy ' buy this proprietary utility (and above all, my services)' answer. Providing services for those who perhaps lack the time, skill, or knowledge to perform such tasks is hardly a crime.If the message is received by anyone other than the addressee, please return it to us by replying to it and then delete the message from your computer. Splitting MS Access Database have an access 2000 database which has several levels of security defined, i.e., certain users can only see certain forms, run certain reports. Database Database Database Database Software Cheap Database Database Database Database Software Cheap Great Datase Software See Website Below. I think most of these pick flavors should have some sort of layer (by now! Maybe "standard" odbc and...update oracle database when ever changes are made in access database Hi all, well i have migrated the database from access to oracle and changes would be done in access only so i want to make same changes in the oracle database say after 10 mins.

They have each saved this onto thier desktop while the back end resides on the main network. Hover the mouse over a table, and it tell you what the link is.

In particular the table names should be EXACTLY the same as before now you can have as many backends as you like, its just up to you to link to the correct one (set of tables) which can be done manually, or via program code.

I suspect that either you have not split the dbs correctly, and you are using local tables, not tables in the backend - or maybe you have multiple backends and have connected to the wrong one you can say in a code module msgbox(currentdb.tabledefs("a table name").connect) i am not exactly sure with the immedaite window, but something like ?

So, what are the characteristics that you want in a good update story: @Eric G I've been thinking about this but haven't found the time yet. It's not complicated, but it's not trivial either, especially if we want to make it generic enough that it can help a lot of people rather than target my narrower needs.

I am a real Access beginner and have built (slowly and painfully) a database from scratch.

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