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But by about month #8, she started asking things like 'how many more of these follow-up appts. ' and I said 'the rest of my life.' So she really wasn't in it for the long haul. i had to go through high school with kids starring at me because i had no hair and was sick.

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of signs that your friend’s relationship may be abusive: Here are some other common signs of an abusive dating relationship.(CNN) -- Three years ago, Anne Willis mentioned to the man she was dating that she didn't know about her fertility, since she had undergone cancer treatment as a teenager.His response --"Oh, so you don't know if you're going be able to have kids? "He wasn't trying to mean anything by it, but I felt a little less desirable at that moment," she said.Even if/when they do, they will likely struggle to leave the relationship or may decide that leaving isn’t the safest or best option for them. It’s scary to watch someone you love be mistreated, and the best ways to support them may be counterintuitive to you.Below we’ve compiled some common questions, with responses from both survivors and friends of survivors. It can be hard to figure out if your friend’s relationship is abusive.

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