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Everyone in our crowd commented that they had never been in a "beach" restaurant and felt so welcomed and at home. Thank you for your graciousness, your hospitality, and the friendly, smiling faces. We want to send a huge THANK YOU to the US Navy Veterans who dined with us today, they were all amazing guests. Kudos to management for finding such a wonderful person to represent your establishment. A huge Thanks to Fishy Fishy Cafe for making us feel right at home last Saturday night. I've eaten seafood at the beach dozens of times, and always thought the seafood places back home (Winston-Salem and surrounding areas) were better. Thank you Bridget for being so accommodating and giving us and all the kiddies those great front row seats for the "Safe Haven" fireworks festivities!!!! We WILL be back very soon and I will ALWAYS send you as much business as I possibly can!!! Here's a photo of a portion of the party, all shipmates from the USS ORION AS-18. We had a blast & everyone was super friendly & gracious. “Most don't realize the amount of work it takes to properly train and keep an animal,” Oswald says.

Updated: looks like everyone enjoys Southport's beautiful sunsets and Fishy will be in some of yall's summer plans. Went here with my family tonight had tile fish, ny strip, cheeseburger, chicken tenders, shrimp & grits, & fish & chips everything was phenomenal, not to mention the amazing mixed drinks!! Visitor Information The Multi-Animal Teaching Facility (map) has been designed to replace seventy year old barns on the OSU Animal Sciences farms.These buildings will support teaching and research in Animal and Rangeland Sciences, General Agriculture and Agricultural Education and the outreach effort of the College of Agricultural Sciences.This is when logjams are built and destroyed, boulders are tumbled, and the stream bed rearranged.Most of the wood in the current log jam was deposited in a flood in 2011, but the old-growth anchor log was in place many years before that. Check out the Andrews Forest website for additional cameras and streaming environmental data.

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