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Brown&Co Architecture and Planning (part of Brown & Co) are an award winning chartered architectural practice based in the centre of Norwich.With a strong pedigree dating back to 1902, the division of Brown & Co has grown out of the Owen Bond Partnership in 2016.A stiff one-of-a-kind lattice-structured frame and a rigid seat post.

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As a money symbol, it was deemed as rock-solid as the presidential jaw of Abraham Lincoln, which first appeared on it in 1909.

This pretty much was the case of the British car industry. Uniquely British, perhaps, but the Moulton takes unorthodoxy to a new level.

But, unlike the many good old British cars which have gone into the annals of automotive history, the British bicycle industry seems to go through thin very well. It is the one of the most expensive bike you’ll never encounter with 20” wheels, but ironically, it isn’t particularly light, nor is it particularly well equipped. The configuration I had was a 8 speed Sturmey Archer internal hub-geared version, with the standard TSR frame, a flat handlebar, with a cute little bell.

With a pedigree dating back to 1787, it was feted as the first currency authorized by the United States.

Boston's own Paul Revere, resident silversmith, supplied some of the ...

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