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The only good thing was U S Airways let me use the plane tickets for another date.

Taking my supervisor's advice, I reported them to Maryland Attorney General and was surprised to hear I was not the first person scam by Plaza Resort. That dimmed all my hopes of ever getting my money back and I didn't.

It says passengers booked on the next cruise “will be contacted in the next 48 hours to confirm the ship’s embarkation time”.

Regarding the three-week cruise from Asia to Australia that broke down, Norwegian Cruise Line had promised a new “21-day Southeast Asia and Australia itinerary from Hong Kong, China to Sydney, Australia.” But David Dow, a passenger from Devon who was on the voyage, told The Independent: “A few days before we left we were notified of an engine issue which had been in existence a month before.

If you need more time to review, please feel free to request a free cruise brochure, which will be mailed directly to your home.

Contact sexy swingers waiting to meet you at sea and bring a little ecstasy to your next cruise!

Thought I was paying for a trip to Orlando Florida to take my son to see Mickey Mouse and when I got ready to go, all hell broke loose. When I got ready to go on the trip, I contact these Plaza Resort people and was told the money I paid was simply a deposit and I had to pay nearly 0 more for the rest of the trip. All the while letting me believe my trip was paid in full.

Ports of Embarkation Learn the secrets to navigating the cities and cruise terminals your cruise will leave from.

NBC 6 is airing a story about Caribbean Cruise Line alleging that the company routinely offers essentially "free" cruises via unsolicited phone calls or vouchers in the mail, and deceives the public by not disclosing hidden fees.

As the old saying goes, you learn from your mistakes.

Norway plans to build the world's first tunnel for ships.

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