Menopause and dating

Yes, but there are options that can change a woman's life for the better during menopause whether it's caused naturally or surgically. Too many doctors prescribe Anti-depressants to women suffering menopause symptoms either naturally or surgically. This thread appears to be a bit of a put down on menopausal women.We are NOT crazy...are suffering real and physical symptoms. Also from your profile:"I am single never married, but just hear to learn right now."Maybe you should learn to get a grip.Others may feel self-conscious about being naked with someone new.Still others may be plagued by guilt about “betraying” the memory of a longtime partner by being sexual with a new partner. Of course, just having a partner is no guarantee of a fulfilling—or even an active—sex life.FLASHES tells the story of those adventures through a series of dates, from the young man who pretended to be a senior citizen to date older women to the guy who showed up for a first date carrying a bag of sex toys.With passionate wit, Churchill examines how she got to middle age alone and where she’s going.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I always tried to be supportive, and usually we could laugh about her hormones acting up." I actually had a doctor tell me once that my vagina was too old for sex. Not picking on you...........just become one big excuse for both men and women..............

If every doctor (especially male doctors) had to spend just one day in hot flash, night sweat hormonal hell with no sex drive, things would change FAST. It's a topic I'm very passionate about...helping women learn about the options they have during menopause. I don't read women's profiles so I can't begin to substantiate whether it is true that so many are explicit about wanting to be with younger men.

Young men and older women are perfectly suited for each other sexually. go for these trite relationships alllllll you want. I do read men's profiles and have noticed many of them prefer younger models.

While discovering that sex was the best cure for hot flashes, she also uncovered the secrets she had hidden from herself.

As author Michelle Churchill approached her 50th birthday, she found herself careening toward menopause.

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