Designer file not updating visual studio Sex chat cell

Architecture tools has updates to address a lot of your feedback around performance and reliability along with updates to features like Code Map, Layer Validation, and UML Diagrams.Hi Ves, Thanks for your response, though you suggestion did not address my problem. I've moved the design folder as stated but anytime I select XAML code related to a Telerik Chart the designer throws the stack trace. I've downloaded it and copied the directories over my existing installation but the message still arrives each day.Additionally, we have made accessibility improvements in the Account Settings dialog for activating a subscription and entering a product key. In this release you will see many performance improvements including when running code diagnostics on an entire solution.To learn about code diagnostic performance improvements read the How to: Enable and Disable Full Solution Analysis for Managed Code page on MSDN. This release includes enhancements to Tools for Universal Windows Apps.

I find that when I edit datasets with new SQL, adding columns, tableadapters etc, that the class is not regenerated, and therefore I can't access them in code.As for the repeating notifications, I am afraid this is a glitch on our side.You can temporarily disable these notifications as described in VS Extensions Options help topic.For example I have a nearly standard header that I use on some pages that contain common toolbar buttons.They’re not generic enough to put into a control of some sort or on a master page but generic enough that they get pasted around different pages and then customized for the specific page.

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