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All the extra e Books & free interviews make it a completely irresistible offer.

I have worked at bars and restaurants where women come in looking to hook up with men. I'm 22 going on 23 and I have had no problem ever getting women to give me their number. She was very hesitant on giving me her number, but after I sat down to talk to her, she gave me her number. But let's talk about the psychology of why women give out their phone numbers, and why I personally like to get email addresses. Recently we have been flirting and talking more then ever.

Well, I called her two days after she gave me her number and she was on the other line. You must remember that attractive women are being approached all the time by men, in one way or another. and I don't mean to say that ALL women do this, or that ALL women are bad, etc. ***QUESTION*** "David Being cocky is the best way to go! I met this chick at work, she is very good looking and we flirt all the time. but a co-worker went up to her and said that i really like her and that she should stop sending me the wrong signals since she has a boyfriend. im stumped on how to retaliate Please help me find out what she wants, and how to send the bf packin!

Explained differently, I think that many women give out their numbers are looking for the self-image-boosting hit of power that comes from having a lot of men calling them... They can also use it to get attention from friends: "All these guys just keep calling me! If you have my book "Double Your Dating", then you have read about the technique for getting a woman's email address within a few minutes of meeting her. Stop wasting your mental energy trying to get something that has a high risk of turning very bad, and put it on finding opportunities that make more sense.

***QUESTION*** "Hi David, What are your thoughts on approaching groups?

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