Dating double standards

Just as it’s okay for a guy to have female friends, it’s also okay for us to have guy friends.A relationship is meant to be built on trust, and trust is both a two-way street and an absolute necessity.That's true whether it comes to having sex on the first date or discussing their sexual pasts in new relationships.I actually decided to write this piece because of a conversation I had with a guy friend, who explained that he totally judges women for having sex with him early on.That's especially obvious when it comes to office politics, but major disparities also manifest themselves in the dating scene.

When we’re dating someone exclusively, it means we’ve chosen them as our only romantic partner, but it doesn’t mean he has to be the only man in our lives.

According to a survey conducted by the University of North Texas, close to 50% of women said they would only date taller men.

I personally think 50% is a little modest, as many women probably lied on the survey.

He was expected to open her car door, protect her “honor” should anyone be disrespectful, and of course pay the bill!

Now, women often choose to meet men out, and friendships that cross gender lines often make both men and women wonder if a date is really a date, or if it’s just a hangout. But apparently there are still a few women who think this is an important sign of a guy being respectful. Do you insist upon opening a woman’s door, risking being seen as a relic or domineering guy who tells women not to open their own doors?

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