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It was that first web experience that prompted me to practically blackmail my parents into getting the family a PC. I'd been teaching myself to code websites on school computers (and was regularly punished for ignoring my studies as a result), and ultimately began ditching whole days at school to teach myself how to build websites on my own machine.

Ultimately I could develop full-size websites and (probably illegally, in retrospect) "borrowed" my grandma's credit card to buy my first domain name (I was about 15 so they wouldn't sell it to me).

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Michael was a school friend whose dad was building his own boat -- I think not because he needed one in Sheffield, but because he could.

But a man who can afford to build his own ship could also afford a brand new PC with a dial-up modem and leave his son and acquaintances to use it all day. I'd heard of "the world wide web" and been intrigued by the premise, but it wasn't until I was able to type "sex" into a chat room and see the response that I realised I was engulfed with fascination.

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